• What can I get framed with La Promesse?

    It’s very simple: everything! From a digital picture to anything you love! We’ve recently framed for our customers: beautiful kids’ drawing, lithographs, and photos but also diplomas, dried flowers, one book and one scout’s scarf!

  • What are the artwork maximum dimensions I can frame online?

    Online framing is available for very large artworks up to 120x80cm or 80x120cm. Beyond those dimensions (what we call mega sizes frames), please call us to get a quote!

  • How should I measure the artwork I would like to frame?

    Please follow the instructions of our guide below. However, remember, you should not worry: our team ALWAYS remeasure your artwork when it arrives at our studio and we will always contact you if there is any issue.

  • How do I send my artwork to your studio?

    Immediately after getting your order, our team will contact you to arrange the collect and will provide instructions on how to properly pack it beforehand according to the artwork nature.

    If you prefer to personally drop your artwork, our studio is always open for you! Please call to arrange a time, we always have good coffee ready to be served and shared. Some say we even have very good wine for our customers.. (depending on the time you decide to visit us!).

  • I need advise on the best way to frame my artwork. Can I call you to get support?

    It goes without  saying! Our team is always available to answer your questions, whether you have a doubt on how you should frame your artwork or you just need a hand! Please send us a message on WhatsApp and we will call back to you at the time of your convenience.

  • Do you offer framing options which are not available online?

    Our online framing configurator addresses the vast majority of our customers’ requests and use cases however our objective is to add over time more options and features (stay tuned, we have some surprises for you in our roadmap!).
    If, nevertheless, you have a specific need and request that is not addressed – custom frame or mat color, frame with a very large size or with a specific format or any crazy idea (we love crazy ideas) : just call us, we definitely serve special projects and we will be very happy to answer your needs.

  • Where do you make your frames?

    All our frames are handcrafted in our studio, located in Central Israel and are 100% custom made!

  • Can I still make a change after sending my order?

    Yes! As long as we did not start to work on your frame, any item can be changed or modified. Just call us.